Old Blog

It was a while since my last post here,
nothin important happen really ,
lets see :
I went to St. Stefano mall 2 times,
Starbucks cafe once,
4 season hotel 1 time,
I ride the Alexandria Tram for the first time,
I printed my CV and give it to 2 places (nothin came back),

In The Digital world:
I joined NATO alliance in Cyber Nations, I didn’t get any help from them well except from Alex (he’s also a member there), and i really learned new things from their forums and important tips about how to play the game!,
Nothin new with MainVista still quite!, i do the promote thing in 2 forums every week thou hoping for new members,
I Have over 90 posts in ZC, i’ll be in the active group soon,
and I’m planning of cleaning up my hosting space, i believe i can clean up to 30 MB of wasting space there,

That’s all folks!