Google Wave

Google launched new project called “Google wave” allow users to realtime communicate which promises to logorevolutionise the way people communicatate, It combines aspects of email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management to build one elegant, in-browser communication client. You can bring a group of friends or business partners together to discuss how your day has been or share files.

With the kind of functionality google wave promises, it would be easier and more effective for example, for five people in five different countries to work together on a project than five people in the same room. Some of the innovative features that make google wave so unique are: realtime typing (you can see what someone else is typing immediately, character by character); Wiki functionality(anything written in google wave can be edited by someone else); Drag and drop file sharing; Rewind(an elaborate version of undo most computer applications); spelling auto-correction; easy interfacing with blogs, webpages and social networks.

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