DRM-Free E-Books

O’Reilly now offers DRM-Free E-Books, what means you can buy your books, read them where ever you want: kindle, android, ios, windows, osx, etc. when you are done, it’s yours just like a regular book, you are free to lend it to a friend, donate it, or even sell it just like you do with […]

My newiest site

Please welcome KubbaPhoto.com to my collection of sites, So far I have 5 Active sites. If you came here by clicking the link on KubbaPhoto.com and looking for contact info: This is my Google Plus profile, please feel free to contact me there MJ

AutoPride Cadillac teeshirts and caps

So Today I received my Cadillac Tee-shirt and Cap from AutoPrideConcepts.com and to be honest as my first online Tee-shirt shopping experience i was surprised, The quality of the materials and the overall looks of it succeeded my expectations!.

New Server

So My old server decided to die and now i moved to another host, Some of my posts are gone because me (aka the dump) didn’t do a site backup since May. 2010!!! Sorry guys If you have created your account after that date you’ll have to create it again…