DRM-Free E-Books

O’Reilly now offers DRM-Free E-Books, what means you can buy your books, read them where ever you want: kindle, android, ios, windows, osx, etc. when you are done, it’s yours just like a regular book, you are free to lend it to a friend, donate it, or even sell it just like you do with […]

UK downloading prohibited

The government forced through the controversial digital economy bill with the aid of the Conservative party, attaining a crucial third reading – which means it will get royal assent and become law – after just two hours of debate in the Commons. Earlier the government removed its proposed clause 18, which could have given it […]

Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade

MIAMI (AFP) – Residents of Miami donned heavy coats and wool mufflers Monday to face down the coldest weather to hit the usually balmy city nearly in a decade. This subtropical city’s fabled beaches, normally thronging with sun worshippers this time of year, were all but deserted after temperatures plummeted to around zero degrees Celsius […]